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09 Oct

It sure isn't me. Regardless of how together and in control I may APPEAR, I know how I REALLY feel most of the time and it ISN’T bold.

Some days the smallest jobs seem sooooooo big and I feel sooooooo small. Little things seem like giants and the REAL giants are totally overwhelming.

Or so I feel. And if I FEEL that way, regardless of how irrational and illogical it all is, I respond to it as reality.

And it is at THAT point I try to remember (but not always very fast) that emotions are NOT reality. Most importantly, I remind myself that Christ is reality - not my emotions, and that this 'moment of time' WILL pass, and my relationship with my Lord has nothing to do with my emotions. I RESPOND emotionally to Him, but that is not the basis upon which it is built.

And so - it does pass - those emotions. I can face those times knowing that they are inaccurate and not the true barometer of my spiritual life.

Now THAT gives me hope and the boldness (II Corinthians 3:12) to look at my emotions and tell them they're lying to me and I'm not going to act defeated just because I FEEL defeated. 

HE is our hope and it is "in HIM we live and move and have our being" (Acts 17:28a), and NOT in our emotions.

Bold? - In Him!

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