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27 Mar

Prayer is like a diamond, it has many facets to it, each of them beautiful. It took me a while to sort and sift through the various types of prayer in order to arrive at the bottom line of what it DOES mean to me.

Prayer to me is the deepest core of my being connecting with the One Whose immeasurable love for ME provided a personal relationship with Him through His son – my Savior – Jesus Christ.

When I ponder ‘Who am I – so tiny, so finite and yet the God and Creator of all that has ever been, is or ever will be – gives me HIS undivided attention BECAUSE He loves me. Me! At times the reality of that knowledge overwhelms me with such deep gratitude and thankfulness to Him that I can only weep – I have no adequate words.

Psalm 6:8b says, “... for the Lord has heard the sound of my weeping.” He has heard! Whether silent or audible, He hears. He not only hears the ‘sound,’ but according to the definition of ‘sound,’ He also knows the ‘tone’ of the sound. In other words, the pitch used to express differences of meaning. His Holy Spirit interprets, because He knows our hearts and that which we cannot – at times – adequately express ourselves.

Flowing out from my gratitude to Him is my desire to worship and praise Him. These are, within themselves, forms of prayer. And, with the assurance of His personal love and care for me, I know I can bring before Him not only my needs and desires, but those of others as I hold them up to Him through intercessory prayer.

Prayer - to me - is all about my personal RELATIONSHIP, COMMUNICATION and COMMUNION, whether silent or spoken, with the God of the Bible.

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