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10 Sep

The little ship set sail on the “Sea of Life.” The water’s surface was as smooth as glass and the cloudless sky was equally as beautiful.

The passengers were enjoying the day and one another’s company to the extent that they had not noticed the gathering clouds, the daylight fading and a wind developing. And then, suddenly, a tumultuous storm arose, creating great alarm.

The passengers locked arms tightly in order to steady one another as the ship was repeatedly tossed, rising and dropping, rising and dropping again and again upon the angry waves. There was great comfort in sensing the presence of the person on each side. How grateful they were for one another.

The captain’s weathered and kind face maintained a calm and steadfast look. He stood straight, seemingly undaunted by the threatening elements swirling around the little craft, His strong, skilled hands holding the helm steady and on course. It was obvious He had sailed through many a storm and it seemed almost as though He knew which way the wind was going to blow as He guided the vessel on an unseen path safely to the other side. In fact, His intent gaze seemed to see something in the distance they could not see.

As the billowing waves attempted to engulf them, the Captain shouted above the roar of the wind, “Throw out the anchors.”

Anchors? No one had noticed the anchors strategically placed about the little ship. They hadn’t needed them so… they were easy to overlook.

At the Captain’s command, hope and strength rose up within their hearts. Yes! The anchors!

The first anchor to go overboard had the word “Trust” engraved into the metal in HUGE letters. The next anchor they grabbed had “Peace” in equally large letters. Then came “Hope,” “Comfort,” and lastly - the biggest anchor of all “The Love and Presence of the Captain.”  

Heavenly Father, NO storm takes You by surprise. As our little ships are piloted over the sea of life, often battered by fierce and merciless storms, at the very core of our being we know that as we keep our eyes upon the glorious face of our Captain, He WILL deliver us safely to the “other” side.

Hebrews 6:19 tells us that “You are the sure and steadfast anchor of our souls…” We CLING to Your truths… which are eternal.

You alone are our peace, our hope for tomorrow, our security, our confidence in Whom we trust. You ARE our comfort and it is because of Your all-encompassing love that we can comfort and strengthen one another.

Because of Your unfailing promises, we can lift up to You every situation that looms over us, often appearing so vast we find ourselves fearful we may drown in it’s gigantic waves. Help us to remember it is Your amazing love and Presence that is guiding us through the storm. You, our Captain, not only KNOW the way, You ARE the way and for that we give You all the praise, glory and honor.  In Jesus’ mighty and powerful Name I pray. Amen!

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