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27 Dec

Psalm 123:1,2c “To you I lift up my eyes, O you who are enthroned in the heavens! ... so our eyes look to the Lord our God, TILL he has mercy upon us.” 

That little four-letter word ‘till’ is a BIG word! Packed in it is the message of staying focused upon Him until He delivers our answer. As in ‘waiting’ on Him. As in sitting still, being quiet. As in not working on a backup plan in case He doesn’t answer in the way or the time in which we think He should. Instead of staying focused during the ‘waiting room’ experience, often our energies are expended on developing an idea we can implement ‘just in case’ we are left high and dry (as IF our God does that to His children). STOP! Read Psalm 121, known as the ‘My Help Comes from the Lord’ chapter, right now. Those eight verses should dispel any and all doubts about the faithfulness of our God! We either believe it or we don’t. It is either all true or none of it is. If doubts do not vanish after reading this, then cry out to our Lord, ‘help my unbelief!’ 

It is during these times of waiting on Him with our eyes ‘fixed/focused’ upon Him that we are strengthened in our belief. These times of perseverance develop depth of faith and more of God’s character within us. We are not living in limbo as we wait. Far from it. 

It takes five years, after having been planted, for the bamboo tree to shoot a sprout out of the ground at which time it then climbs to 100 feet within six months. It had been growing deep roots during the silent, quiet, seemingly unproductive years in order to accommodate the height to which it will grow. 

Thus it is with us. Let us stay focused... TILL! Is this not also true of churches and ministries?

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