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06 Oct

One of the things a person can do to strengthen and encourage themselves in the Word is something I have done for myself and it is this:

As I’ve read the Word, every time I read a verse that seems to leap off the pages into my heart, I write it down on a 3x5 card. I have over 600 of them on cards now. I actually carry part of a set in my car and whenever I’m out and about and find myself sitting in traffic, waiting for someone, or for any other reason find I’ve got a few extra minutes, I pull them out and read them.

I call them my ‘spiritual snacks' that are full of ‘spiritual protein' since they are among the special verses that have stood out to me over others. You will be amazed at how strengthening, fulfilling and encouraging this can be. And…. bit by bit, these verses begin to stick in your mind. Try it! I believe you’ll find it to be an effective way of nurturing yourself in the Word.

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