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10 Oct

I love it!

How MANY times my heart has ached because I didn't have much to give to a worthy cause that had grabbed my heart - be it missions, a disaster victim, a homeless family, a hurting child, or even a neighbor or friend.

I've cried many tears because I felt so helpless and inadequate and wondered if my little 'mite' would REALLY do any good.

And.... there's my answer! "For if the WILLINGNESS is there, the gift is ACCEPTABLE according to what one has, NOT according to what he does not have" (II Corinthians 8:12).

Wow! Does that ever warm my heart and relieve the 'what's the use' feeling of giving my little bit. I give willingly - along with my means - and it is God's responsibility from there.

This applies to my talents, gifts and abilities as well. I do my part, filling my little niche, along with others, and the results are the Lords.

As I consider my efforts, be they ever so little, as a small pebble being laid in the foundation of something God is building, I can take heart that He will honor it fully and bless it accordingly.

Guess that's why Christ said what He did about the widow’s mite in Mark 12:41-44.

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