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16 Sep

God leads in steps. After delivering the message from God to Ahab that it would not rain nor would there by any dew for the ‘next few years,’ God revealed to Elijah the next step he was to take. He was to go east of the Jordan River where he would have all his provisions met by the Lord (through a most unique way - see verses 2-6).

The directions for his life changed as the circumstances altered, leading him to his next step (verses 7-25).

As Elijah followed in obedience, God made a promise of further divine provision (verse 14). This promise affected not only his life, but that of the one through whom God would use as an instrument to bring His will to pass. Verse 16 confirms the faithfulness of Jehovah Jireh (Provider).

The same truths of God’s provision are available to us today. AS we walk in obedience, our lives will be lead, step-by-step, into HIS perfect plan. No one big, giant step gets us there - as in playing ‘Mother, May I?’ Most of our journeys are undertaken by small, calculated steps prepared by our Lord, Who not only knows the destination, but the way to get there, arriving in His perfect timing.

I, for one, choose this process of obedience and following what He knows is best for me. Ultimately it is He Who receives the glory and honor for it. And that’s what it’s all about.

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