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09 Oct

Luke 11:17 "...any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall."

Does not this Scripture apply to us, 'the house of God,' as well?

If we PURPOSEFULLY lead a double life - lip service to God - heart service to self - we will not forever stand. We WILL fall, from the inside out because our foundation is built on sand (self) and not on the Rock (Christ) - Matthew 7:24-27.

As the foundation gives way, all the grains of falsehoods we have used to build our foundation of life will crumble apart, leaving us in a shattered heap. It is ONLY as we look to and build upon Christ, letting HIM be our foundation, building upon TRUTHthat we become unmovable and will be able to stand against the fierce storms of life.

How firm is YOUR foundation?

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