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10 Oct

Not the kind of fear you experience when you think you may be late for an appointment, or a plane flight.


It leaves you feeling so alone, so lost, so hopeless.

We all struggle with it at times.

I used to feel guilty and beat myself up when I was feeling that way. I hadn't learned that FEELING fear is no sin, it's what I DO with it that makes me accountable - for rightfully or wrongfully handling it.

When I admitted that I was fearful, THEN I could face my circumstances honestly, and stop the denial. I was afraid to admit to myself, let alone to others, that I was fearful because it would show me to be a weak Christian.

But, when I read that Paul - THE Apostle Paul talked about "conflicts on the outside, FEARS within" (II Corinthians 7:5c), I felt relieved. And, just as Paul, when I turn to the Lord for my comfort and encouragement, which He often brings through other Christians, my fears are put in their proper place......

..... under control.


Admit it. Don't feel you're a failure in your Christ-walk because of it.

Join Paul and me.... and let's take the fears of life as a cue to run to our God where we'll receive ALL we need to face AND conquer them.

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