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20 Sep

What a dry and barren place it is - the desert. So many comforts are missing. Man-made inventions make it bearable:  air-conditioning, wells, insulated structures. Oases are created.

Kind of like the spiritual deserts we live in from time to time. We often go to great lengths to cushion ourselves. We seek to create an oasis to ward off the perils we see as being able to deprive us of convenience and comfort.

When the effects of the heat start to penetrate, in spite of all our efforts, we find ourselves 'tempted' to take drastic measures to relieve the situation. We find ourselves weakened and vulnerable to irrational thoughts and decisions.

Oh - how I recognize that place. And here I make a choice.....

To or not too....

"In the desert they gave in to their craving...." (Psalm 106:14a).

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