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12 Oct

     I was amazed.... and so might you be.

     Just look at the different perception there is when we exchange a simple letter, an 'H' for a 'D.'


     Take the 'D' off Disappointments and replace it with an 'H' to get Hisappointments.

     Get it? His - appointments.

     Ahhh.... NOW you get it.

     Just think....

     .... OUR DISappointments are often HIS appointments as He works His Sovereign will out in our lives.

     I'll have to be the first to admit that I have rarely VOLUNTEERED to make the 'D' an 'H.' 

     Most of the time I'm caught off-guard at the changes that are made... SEEMINGLY beyond my control.

     But, time and again, they have proven to have been the better plan, after all.


     .... sometimes I can clearly see. Other times? Well... I'm STILL trusting that He's in control and HIS plan is better.

     One SIMPLE letter makes all the difference.

     Suppose Proverbs 16:9 might see things this way? "In his heart a man plans his course, BUT the Lord determines his steps."

     How's YOUR perception?

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